Chromie Squiggle #9209
Chromie Squiggle #9209

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Simple and easily identifiable, each squiggle embodies the soul of the Art Blocks platform. Consider each my personal signature as an artist, developer, and tinkerer. Public minting of the Chromie Squ...


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    by 0x8d19...5a2c

    Erick (Snowfro) gifted me this Squiggle when I started working at Art Blocks. I was so surprised when it appeared in my wallet as a bold! The token means a lot to me because it symbolizes friendship and trust during a period of my career transition into the blockchain industry. Amidst the frenzy of NFTs in 2021, finding a reliable crypto company was challenging, but Erick and this Squiggle provided me with early reassurance in Art Blocks. I appreciate how this Squiggle forms a smile, adding to its charm.

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    Transferred from 0x2a98...882a to 0x8d19...5a2c.

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    Minted to 0x2a98...882a.


Blockchain: ethereum

Contract: 0x059edd72cd353df5106d2b9cc5ab83a52287ac3a

Token ID: 9209