Own the story.

Elevate your digital art collection with provenance messages.
Define your story with the on-chain, owner-curated protocol.

Collector Provenance

Owners curate their own provenance by telling their story, enriching the history of their collected digital artworks.


Messages are stored on-chain, ensuring that they are immutable and available forever.

For All

OwnerOf.art is a free, open-source, tip-based protocol, allowing all digital art communities to elevate their collectorship experiences.

Art + Collector

With OwnerOf.Art, on-chain provenance transcends mere sales and transfers. Now, token owners can seamlessly integrate their personal messages into the artwork's story, ensuring a lasting connection between owner and creation."

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State of the Art Tech

Bytecode Storage, off-chain pre-compression, and on-chain decompression result in maximally gas efficient message upload costs.

Collector Community

Join a community of like-minded collectors on our Discord

Working Together

Build Something

Elevate your project's collector experience by integrating with the protocol. Reach out on X to @OwnerOfArt if you need any assistance.

Open Source Protocol

Smart contract is an immutable registry deployed to multiple networks

Public Subgraphs

Open source and public subgraphs are used for indexing, providing an easy graphql API for easy integration

Active Development

We are always looking for new ideas on how to make integrating this project easier. Please reach out with ideas!

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