Friendship Bracelets #13
Friendship Bracelets #13

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Since founding Art Blocks in 2020, artist Erick Calderon (a.k.a. Snowfro) has been intrigued by the idea of representing digital artwork in the physical world in the form of an ephemeral physical obje...


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    This Friendship Bracelet #13 was gifted to me by Alexis André because I was the thirteenth employee at Art Blocks. Alexis asked each Art Blocks employee to design their own color palette, and this token has my design, “Inclusion”. The blue and yellow colors represent Down Syndrome awareness, something close to my heart because of my son born in the same year as this project. I also was a member of the teams that designed and implemented the allowlist minter and delegation registry used by the project, so the token brings up a lot of fun memories for me!

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